João T. Dias


Percussionist who has graduated in Percussion performance and has concluded a master in Music Teaching, at Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo (Porto), in the class of Miquel Bernat and Manuel Campos. Currently, he is attending the Phd Program in Musical Arts at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

He is interested in the mediation between composer and performer during the creative processes, namely in the creation of new music for solo percussion from Portuguese composers.

He has been developing is work as a performer mainly in the field of contemporary repertoire, from ensemble to solo works. Member of Drumming Percussion Group, Gamelan Orchestra from Casa da Música, Pulsat Percussion Group and guest percussionist from Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble.

He also collaborates regularly with Symphonic Orchestra and Remix Ensemble from Casa da Música, among others.

Note: Soon, a more complete biography will be available.

Repertoire & Projects

Caixa Elétrica” / “Electric Box

This project was premiered at Festival Musica Viva in May/2016. It’s a percussion solo projectc that includes only music from portuguese composers, and has a kind of electronic unification between pieces.

More information and media about this project soon.

World Premieres Solo Percussion


  • Proyector I, José Alberto Gomes (Vibrafone Solo and eletronics)
  • Neve de Verão, Carlos Guedes (Vibrafone Solo)


  • Proyector II, José Alberto Gomes (Tuned Gongs and eletronics)
  • Paradox I (“receptivity”), José Miguel Moreira (Vibrafone and Eletric Guitar)
  • +Con +Rift +I, Gustavo Costa e Henrique Fernandes (Solo for ” Acustic Laptop”)
World premiers with Drumming GP (chamber music)


  • Estudo de Percussão, Isabel Soveral (percussion sextet)
  • Fragment 5, Jean François Lézé (percussion sextet)


  • Konstellationen, João Rafael (percussion sextet)
  • Pocket Paradise, Jesús Rueda (percussion sextet)


  • Konstellationen, João Rafael (percussion sextet)
  • Pocket Paradise, Jesús Rueda (percussion sextet)
  • Ragga, Rui Rodrigues (steel drums orchestra)


  • Vermalung III – Batman, Luís Antunes Pena (amplified percussion quartet)
  • Pocket Paradise, Jesús Rueda (percussion sextet)
  • Free Pink Noise, Vitor Rua (percussion sextet)
  • Many Z Sounds, Nuno Rebelo (percussion sextet and electronics)
  • Love Boat, Nuno Rebelo (percussion sextet and electronics)
  • Bad Shape, Nuno Rebelo (percussion sextet and electronics)
  • The End of The World, Nuno Rebelo (percussion sextet and electronics)
  • 63, @c (Pedro Tudela & Miguel Carvalhais),(percussion sextet and electronics)
  • The Salvador DaliSecret Chord Progression, Oscar Bianchi (percussion sextet)
  • Se Acercó y le Mordió, Javier Arias (drum set trio)
  • Joezzap, Rui Rodrigues (percussion sextet)
  • Thirteen Faces Formula, Ricardo Nova (percussion sextet)
  • Zeca d’aço, Carlos Guedes (steel drums orchestra)
  • Z – homenagem a José Afonso, Nuno Côrte-Real (steel drums orchestra)
  • Emotional Drumming, Lucas Palmeira (steel drums orchestra and electronics)


  • poP cisuM, Pedro Amaral (percussion sextet)
  • Mares I (Falésias) Mares II (Cavalos Marinhos), António Chagas Rosa (percussion sextet)
  • Accanto, Jesús Torres (marimba quartet)
  • Palíndromo, de Pólo Vallejo (timbilas quintet)
  • Caixa da Música, Arrigo Barnabé (theater play for five percussionists)


  • Mares III (Ilha de Moçambique), António Chagas Rosa (percussion sextet)
  • Pode ser uma Serra, João Paulo Esteves da Silva (percussion sextet, 2 trompetes, 2 trombones, 3 saxofones)
  • Bailarico, Paulo Perfeito (percussion sextet, 2 trompetes, 2 trombones, 3 saxofones)
  • Divina Santa Cruz, Zé Eduardo (percussion sextet, 2 trompetes, 2 trombones, 3 saxofones)
  • Baixo Miño, Eduardo Soutullo (Spercussion sextet, 2 trompetes, 2 trombones, 3 saxofones)
  • Apólogo da D.Silvana, Dimitri Andrikopoulos (percussion sextet, 2 trompetes, 2 trombones, 3 saxofones)
  • Noséquenosé, Javier Arias Bal, (percussion sextet, 2 trompetes, 2 trombones, 3 saxofones)
  • Um Dia de Noite, Ricardo Dias (percussion sextet, 2 trompetes, 2 trombones, 3 saxofones)


  • Im Rauschen Rot, Luís Antunes Pena (percussion quartet and Bass)
  • Zoom in – Zoom Out, Luís Tinoco (marimba trio)
  • Ingá, Andreia Pinto Correia (percussion quintet)
  • Bossa Destruction, Jeffrey Davis (percussion quintet)
  • Radio Bossa, Luis Oliveira (percussion quintet)
  • Rebossando, Marlos Nobre (percussion quintet)
  • Bossa Drumming, Santiago Lanchares (percussion quintet)
  • Caldo de Bossa, Chico Melo (percussion quintet)
  • Mancomaracatu, Arrigo Barnabé (percussion quintet)
  • Inner Changes, Agutí Charles (percussion quartet and Bass)
  • Santa Bárbara, Efrain Oecher (percussion quartet and Bass)
  • Continuous Open Flux, Matthias Ockert (percussion quartet and Bass)
  • La vie des Bêtes, François Sarhan (theater play for percussion quartet))


  • Concert nº3 for 3 percussionists and Orchestra, Opus109a, Marlos Nobre ( Gulbenkian Orchestra with Drumming GP, 18 de Junho)
  • Árias de ópera para Tuba e Percussão, António Pinho Vargas (Tuba and percussion quartet)
  • Ardore, Ricardo Nova (Tuba and percussion quartet)
  • Tembang Bambu, Amanda Surkarlan (percussion sextet for Indonésia instruments)


  • Wooden Mind, Jean-Luc Fafchamps (Moçambican timbila septet)


  • A Midsummer Night’s Dance, David del Puerto (percussion quartet and electric guitar)
  • Três histórias, Pedro Cardoso ( Peixe), (percussion quartet and electric guitar)
  • Medidas de Ajuste, Lola Fernández Marín (percussion quintet and singuer)


  • Les Octaves, António Pinho Vargas (Sonata for 2 pianos and percussion)
  • 19 Objectos, 3 Lâminas e 1 Violoncelo, Nuno Guedes Campos (percussion trio and Cello)


  • Dragão Watatsumi, Isabel Soveral (percussion quintet)


  • Yemaya’s Song, Antonio Chagas Rosa (percussion quartet)
  • Fosil Calatrava, Arturo Fuentes (marimba quartet)

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